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What Is a Dental Crown?
It is a color-matched fabrication of the part of a tooth that is above the gums. It is sort of a “cap” that is placed over a damaged or unsightly tooth. 

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What Are Dental Crowns Used For?
Dental crowns will restore a damaged or unsightly tooth to its original strength and appearance. They serve to restore a tooth to its natural durability and size, and often to make it look better (sometimes better than the original). 

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What Is the Dental Crown Procedure?

Two visits to our office are required to rejuvenate your smile with a crown. At your first visit, we’ll create a mold of the tooth to be crowned, take X-rays and measurements, do a thorough examination, shave the tooth down, and fit it with a temporary metal crown that we use as a placeholder. Once the crown has been fabricated, you come in for your second visit, where we fit and adjust your permanent crown, then affix it with special cement.
How Long Will a Dental Crown Last?
That depends on you. If you are careful about oral hygiene and how you use your teeth, they may last 15 years or more. If you’re a teeth grinder, bite your nails, chew on ice cubes or break walnuts shells with your teeth, that sort of wear and tear may shave off a few years.
What Types of Dental Crowns Are There?
We typically use porcelain dental crowns, made from porcelain that been fused to metal. We prefer this material because it is color matched to the adjacent teeth for an exceptionally natural appearance. They’re also durable and as easy to maintain as regular teeth.

What Are the Advantages of a Porcelain Dental Crown?

It is a long-term solution that allows the dentist to save a damaged, broken, aged, or cracked tooth rather than extract it. Crowning also serves to reinforce teeth that have undergone a root canal. Most dental plans cover a portion of dental crowns.


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