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Cosmetic Dentist in Van Nuys, CA

Preventative Care First
Dentalville CA encourages their clients to guard against the need for fillings by visiting the office for regularly scheduled hygiene and periodontal visits. These visits allow Dentalville CA to detect any bacteria or decay early enough to treat it before it becomes a damaging and costly problem.

Dental Fillings
Your Cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles, Dentalville CA, can restore teeth that have experienced decay or damage back to their original beauty and strength. At times, a dental filling becomes necessary if decay or damage has caused a loss of tooth enamel and left the tooth vulnerable to bacteria and infection. A perfect fitting restoration that will protect your tooth from bacteria, sensitivity, or further enamel loss can be created using composite or porcelain.

The Dental Filling Process
First, all areas of decay and damage must be removed from the surface and the area is treated for bacteria. Then, a restoration is crafted that will look good and will restore the strength of your enamel. Once it is placed, the function and health of your tooth are restored. Using porcelain or composite materials allows Dentalville CA to craft tooth restorations that look beautifully natural, blending perfectly with your smile. All evidence of damage or decay will have disappeared completely.




Keep your teeth looking amazing with cosmetic and general dentistry from our cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles, Van Nuys, Bell & Montebello CA. Dentalville CA provides all of the general and cosmetic dentistry services you need to make your teeth shine like stunning pearls. 

Dental Services Include...
• White Filling & Composite Services
• Orthodontic & Denture Services
• Smile Makeovers
• Dental Implant Services
• Denture Services
• Crown Services
• Bonding Services
• Whitening Services
• Root Canal Services
• Gum Disease & Periodontal Services
• Sedation Dentistry Services
• Oral Surgery Services
• Inlay & Onlay Services


Concerned about Unsightly or Unsafe Metal Fillings?
Amalgam fillings contain mercury. Because of the potential toxicity of this material, Dentalville CA exclusively uses composite or porcelain to protect the health of our clients and provide restorations that are both beautiful and long lasting. We know our Los Angeles-area patients will love the change these restorations make to their smiles. Let our dentist give you the smile you've always been waiting for with our cosmetic dentistry services today.

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At Dentalville CA, we care about your health and appearance. Our dental solutions are
tailored to ensure that your teeth stay healthy,
beautiful, and strong.


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