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Getting teeth whitened and brightened is one of the fastest, easiest and least expensive ways to rejuvenate your smile and even take years off your appearance. Improve your smile in an hour or less with professional tooth whitening in our office. Look younger, sexier, and more confident! Nothing comes close to the results you get right in your dentist’s chair. White Smile, Tooth Whitening in Los Angeles, CA

         What Are the Benefits of 1 Hour Teeth Whitening?

            • Immediate Results
            • Safe
            • Comfortable
            • Less Fading
            • Long Lasting
            • Average of 8 Shades Lighter
            • Fast (45 Minutes to an Hour)
            • Convenient
            • Minimal, Temporary Sensitivity

Which Systems Do You Use?
In our office, we use the laser tooth whitening system. It’s a proven, on-site procedure that enables you to leave the office in an hour with teeth up to 8 shades lighter than you came in with. We also proudly offer our own Dentalville CA Home Brightening teeth whitener product.

What Are the Main Causes of Stained or Yellowed Teeth?
Sometimes your teeth become discolored because of “natural” causes like aging, nerve root deterioration, or genetics. There are other causes that are out of our control such as taking certain prescribed medications; however, the majority of tooth discoloration is a result of drinking coffee, tea, cola, and red wine or using tobacco products.

What Are the Benefits to the Dentalville Home Brightening System?
With our premium system, you have complete control over how white you want your teeth to become. You can use it at your convenience and for as long as you wish. There is little sensitivity, and it’s an extremely comfortable, convenient, and affordable way to brighten and whiten teeth. We recommend it in conjunction with a laser dental tooth whitening treatment to maintain maximum results.

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