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Treat serious dental issues at our Los Angeles oral surgery center. We can correct problems with impacted molars, chronic pain, jaw problems, TMJ, and sleep apnea.

What Is Oral Surgery?
The purpose of oral surgery is to enhance and heal dental issues surgically when they cannot be treated any other way. It’s a dental specialty that requires additional training and skill. These surgeries are usually invasive and performed on the mouth, teeth, jaws, or face, which is referred to as the maxillofacial area. 

Do These Surgeries Require Anesthesia?
Most procedures do require anesthesia, but the type depends on the specific surgery. We may provide you with a local anesthetic, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), or general anesthesia. We’ll discuss this in detail with you before surgery.

New Smile, Oral Surgey in Los Angeles, CA

New Smile, Oral Surgey in Los Angeles, CA


What Conditions Can Be
Treated with Dental Oral Surgery?

There are a number of issues that respond well to oral dental surgery, including:

• Impacted Teeth
• Chronic Pain
• Benign Cysts and Growths
• Malignant tumors
• Misaligned Jaws
• Facial Bone and Soft Tissue Problems
• Missing Teeth
• Facial Trauma and Injuries
• Sleep Apnea
• Sinus Issues

What Are Some Common Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Procedures?

• Reconstructive Surgery
• Dental Implants
• Injury Correction
• Cosmetic Facial Surgery
• Extraction
• Biopsy, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Tumors
• Biopsy, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Cysts & Growths
• Laser Sleep Apnea Treatments
• Other Treatments for Sleep Apnea
• Cleft Lip Repair
• Palate Repair
• Treatment of Infections

How Will I Know if I Need to Have Oral Surgery?
When you come to see us for any maxillofacial issues, we will perform a thorough exam, which includes X-rays, to diagnose your condition. Only after analyzing your case and collaborating with other professionals will we recommend surgery. We’ll discuss your options with you and let you decide.

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