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A root canal is a permanent solution for teeth that are critically damaged or decayed. If you have a severe toothache or prolonged sensitivity, call us for an appointment right away.
What Is a Root Canal?
A root canal is a last resort treatment used to save a tooth that’s severely decayed or even infected. At the point a tooth needs a root canal treatment, the nerve has become infected and/or the pulp is damaged and fillings are no longer a viable option. It’s also a preferable and highly successful alternative to complete extraction of the “bad” tooth. 

What Are Some Warning Signs
That a Root Canal Might Be Needed?

• Severe Toothache
• Darkening/Discoloration of the Tooth
• Swelling or Pain in the Gums around the Tooth
• Persistent Sensitivity to Cold or Hot
• Tenderness in Lymph Nodes or Jaw Bone

After Endodontic Root Canal Surgery,
Will I Ever Have Trouble with That Tooth Again?

This should be a permanent solution for the tooth. Since the nerve is dead and all the material has been removed, you’ll no longer feel any pain or sensitivity. Keep in mind that you’ll still need to keep up with your oral hygiene, as the gums still need to be well-cared for.

Are Root Canals Painful?
Most people would say it’s no more painful than a regular filling. You’re fully numb, so you won’t feel the canal files inside the tooth, and there’s minimal drilling. The hardest part for most people is keeping the jaw open for an extended period of time.

What Is the Procedure for a Root Canal?
Most root canals can be performed in a single visit. First, the dentist will numb the entire area with local anesthesia. Next, the tooth is isolated with a sheet of rubber, which also serves to keep the tooth dry during the procedure. The dentist then drills a hole into the tooth and, using a gradually larger root canal files, thoroughly removes the decayed nerve tissue. The debris is flushed away with fluids. After the tooth is cleaned, the dentist will seal the canal with a special sealer paste compound. Most teeth that have undergone a root canal will need further restoration, which typically means a permanent crown.

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