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Free Dental Treatment For Medi-Cal Children!

Alert! Medi-Cal has expanded benefits in 2014!


Looking for an experienced and gentle pediatric dentist in Los Angeles? At Dentalville in LA, we have a team of dentists and hygienists who have years of experience treating children of all ages.

Whether it's your child's first dental visit, or your child needs immediate treatment for a toothache, you can depend on the dental professionals at Dentalville to take care of everything and keep your child comfortable throughout the appointment.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children have their first dental visit at age 1 or within six months of the eruption of their first tooth. We suggest a variety of strategies to help prepare your child for their first visit to the dentist to ensure that it’s a great experience. Some tips include:

  • Set a good example by showing a positive attitude with your own dental care and treatment
  • Schedule the appointment after naptime or at a time when your child is most content
  • Read children’s books that explain the visit in easy-to-understand terms

The Los Angeles kids’ dentists at Dentalville strive to help all patients maintain optimal oral health and avoid common problems such as decay and gum disease.

Complete Childrens Orthodontia starting at jujst $89 a month!

Dentalville is the place to bring your children for compelte Orthodontic services. And  children love Dentalville because we have worked with them for over 30 years!

What Causes bite problems with Children?
When children's teeth are too crowded; when there is not enough space, they will come in crooked. Hereditary factors are the most common reasons for a child's need for orthodontic care. 

Large teeth, missing teeth, a small jaw all are possible factors requiring a children's orthodontist.  Early treatment when children need orthodontic work can save money and shorten the process.


We welcome Medi-Cal / Denti-Cal for Children's dental needs. Dentalville is a Medi-Cal Pediatric Dentist.

We provide excellent Children's Dentistry services for our patients in: Montebello, Bell, South Whittier, Downing, Walnut Park, Cundahy, Mission Hills, South Gate.

Montebello Location: (310) 243-6690      •       City of Bell Location: 323-325-5626





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Montebello Location: (310) 243-6690      •       City of Bell Location: 323-325-5626


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